Christer Irgens-Møller introduction

Christer Irgens-Møller


"øh mix"
styles: electronic music, avantgarde, improvised music, African and Afghan music
Instruments: keyboards, piano, guitar and vocal
research: Afghan music, Hazara and Nuristan

Conducting the European Improvisers Orchestra at Warsaw Autumn 1998
photo:Jan Rolke, Warsawa

conducted improvisations 99 - live in Huset, Copenhagen
Christer Irgens-Møller has played freeform music since 1976. He has worked in groups with Peter Friis Nielsen & Claus Bøje (Clinch), P.O. Jørgens & Martin Klapper (Ghost-in-the-Machine), Pierre Dørge, John Tchicai, Mihail Dresch (H), Paul Rutherford (GB), Radu Malfatti (A), Alan Tomlinson (GB), Claus van Bebber (D) and Evan Parker (GB).
He has toured Hungary, Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden and Slovenia.
He has played and researched African music, and researched music from Afghanistan. Also, he has written partiture music for a number of ensembles. Besides keyboard playing, vocal improvisations and conducting improvisation ensembles add to his doings.