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*(1) How outlines for 5 voices.
(CIM, Irene Becker, Hanne Methling, Niels Winther og Ewa Jacobsson).
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. (Carlsberg Glyptoteque) Cph.1.3.1989

*(2) Assemblage CIM, dialogue for metalobjects, water and DX-7.
Christianshavns Beboerhus 4.3.1990.
Skræp CD 93 (Tomorrow's Classics, Olufsen

*(3) Bodymath comprovisation for 5 voices. Partiture & lyrics, improvisation sketches
(CIM, Irene Becker, Hanne Methling, Niels Winther og Ewa Jacobsson)
Overgaden, Christianshavn Kbh.5.5.1990

Ciseva CIM improvisation for vocal solo, 2 tape recorders, stones
Overgaden, Christianshavn Kbh.16.9.1990

Lysende skygge - skyggende lys (shining shadow - shading shine) CIM vocal solo; vocal and fixed organ harmonies
Marmorkirken (Frederikskirken).8.2.91

*(4) Under spærregrænsen (Below the barrrageborder).
Scandinavian Woodwind quintet. Caféteatret Cph. 3.11. 1991

Tribute to Mother Earth Solo voice
1. International Gaiasymposion. Gelsenkirchen, Germany. 29.8.1992

Audiens music & performance for children, sculptures, saxophone and percussion.
Kongens Have (King's Garden). 12.9.1992

Intertuba/Extremii Evan Parker & Ghost in the Machine. Quintet.
(Evan Parker - soprano and tenor saxophone, CIM - piano and DX-7, Peter Friis Nielsen - bass, Martin Klapper - electronics, P.O. Jørgens - percussion).
Statens Museum for Kunst (State Museum of Art). Cph. 26.9.1993

*(5) Folder - Siksak (Folder - Zigzag) Guitartrio 1 + 2.
(Leif Hesselberg, Maria Camitz, Lars Henning Jensen)
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Khb. (Carlsberg Glyptoteque, Cph.) 31.10.1993

*(6) Balakonkyi DX-7s, synth., bass and drumset (Ghost-in-the-Machine)
(CIM - synths, Peter Friis Nielsen - bass, P.O. Jørgens - percussion).

*(7 & 8) MeYou CD, prepared piano and electric bass.
CIM - piano, Peter Friis Nielsen - bass).
Olufsen Records 1994

Essays tenor saxophone solo
(Morten Carlsen)
Statens Museum for Kunst. (State Museum of Art), Cph. 23.4.1994

Luftspejlinger; Vandtegn (Mirages; Watersigns). saxophone, percussion and objects. Duodenum
(Christian Utke - percussion, Jeanette Balllard - tenor saxophone)
Den Anden Opera (The Other Opera) , Cph.11.12.1994

Soundsculpture CIM, percussion solo
Artoll. Bedburger-Hau, Aug.1995

*(9) Sell-out CIM voice, guitar and machinery.
SKRÆP CD 96 (Tomorrow's classics, Olufsen)

*(10) Mind Geography CIM prepared piano

Ghost-in-the-Machine feat. Evan Parker
CD LeoLab 1996

Koncert for Politiudstyr (Concert for Policeequipment).
Copenhagen Policeband, Han Bennink, Sven Åke Johansson (D), Agarfa Amartey (Ghana), Sam Adou (Ghana), a.o.
Odyssé for Ører. Odyssey for ears.
SKRÆP, EU Culturcity Cph. 15.6.1996. Roskilde Festival 27.6.1996

*(11) Vandet (The Water). 8 part Choir.
"Academic Choir - Cph". Grundtvigskirken. EU Culturcity Churches. Cph. 26.11.1996

Vand, wasser, vatten, eau, water ... CIM solovoice, waterdrops in tubs and machinery.
Festival Of Musical Action. Vilnius, Lithuania. 8.12.1996

*(12) Fysik & Kemi (Physics & Chemistry) Percussion trio.
(Chr. Utke a.o. )
Den Anden Opera. (The Other Opera) Cph. 10.8.1997

Från Omberg till Tibet (Music and artfestival "From Omberg to Tibet") Pieces for soundsculptures and drum ensemble. Pieces for choirs
(drum ensemble "Drakhjärta". Choirs: "Gunnel's Girls", Ödeshög, "Nicolai drängarna" (Old boy's choir from Linköping)), Omberg, Sweden, August 1998

*(13) Stumbling, Rag, Double Bind Corona guitar Quartet
(Ólavur Jakobsen, Per Dybro Sørensen, Tom Roy Nielsen, Volkmar Zimmermann)
Rundetaarn. (The Round Towner) Cph. August 1999

Dirigerede improvisationer (Conducted Improvisations)
Tony Bevan, bass sax; Christian Kyhl, alto clarinet; Jakob Draminsky, bass clarinet; Marie Värme, accordeon; Michael Tosti, violin; Hainer Wörmann, guitar, CIM, harpsichord and conducting
Husets Teater, August 1999
excerpt from the concert in recordings

Horror Vacui CIM piano solo
Den Anden Opera. (The Other Opera) Cph. October 1999

Sshh CIM synthesizer pieces.
Stettin and Byrgosz, Poland, June 2000

Dirigerede improvisationer (Conducted Improvisations)
Mixed ensemble including Harold Rubin, Zvi Joffe, Olga Magieres, Martin Klapper a.o. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Oct. 2000

*Conducted improvisations for mixed ensemble.
The White Nights Big Band. White Nights Festival, Tel Aviv, July 2008 (as on photo on the introduction page).