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the yearly celebration of the music life in DK

thursday October 25th 8 pm 2012
Nannasgade 13, 2200 Copenhagen N
Thomas Bredsdorff-Larsen (double bass), Christer Irgens-Møller (piano, strings, vocal), Tao Thykier (darbuka)

Zinkadus plays music by Irgens-Møller and Bredsdorff-Larsen. The two have played together since 2010 both with roots in African music. The rep is jazz inspired - with spices from The Middle East. Includes odd meters, solos, songs - all with a rythmic punch.

CLINCH concert

September 2010

For the artists in:
Kunstnerhuset Classensgade, Kbh (the artists' house Classensgade
Jubilæumsfest (anniversary)
September 26th, 2010

Thanks to Kirsten Teglbjærg and Søren Ankarfeldt

photos: Torben Dragsby
Chister, Claus Bøje and Peter Friis Nielsen in Søren Ankarfeldt´s studio, in front of Søren's paintings
and thanks for the attention of our sweet audience  


tel Aviv
tell Kopnhagen, November 2009

3 days of high class improvisation
6 musicians and 1 poet from Tel Aviv (and Jerusalem)
7 musicians and 1 poet from Kopnhagen
music - film - readings


tel Aviv:

Isabella Ordnung, violin
Harold Rubin, clarinet
Stephen Horenstein, reeds
Zvi Joffe, vibraphon
Arnon Zimra, piano
Dvir Katz, flute
Roni Somek, poems


Olga Magieres, piano
Peter Friis Nielsen, bass
Sture Ericsson, reeds
Christer Irgens-Møller, keys
P.O.Jørgens, percussion
Martin Klapper, objekter and toys
Claus Bøje, drums
Grzegorz Wroblewski, poems

special guest
Das Beckwerk (voc) and Henrik Sundh (piano)

"Sitting in Golden Water" by Jesper Dalmose
"Magnificent Failure" by Jasmine Kainy


With flute player Dvir Katz

listen to excerpts from Club Daila, Jerusalem 2008

prepared piano & flute:

Trio at "Jerusalem Jazz Session 2009", Sergei's Courtyard, (see YouTube footage below)
+ Ora Boasson Horev, double bass.
Duo at Green family house, Abu Tor, Jerusalem
Quartet at Hagada Hasmalit, Tel Aviv
+ Julia Feldman – voice, Yoni Kretzmer – saxophone.
Duo at Pyramida- Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa

Watch footages of the tour at YouTube
Oktober 2009: Christer with Dvir Katz (flute) and Ora Boasson (doublebass) in Jerusalem at "Jerusalem Jazz Sessions" in Sergev's Yard.



July 9th 2008 (Copenhagen Jazz Festival)

Claus Bøje, drums
Peter Friis Nielsen, bass
Christer Irgens-Møller, keyboards


at Operaen, Christiania April 26th, 2012
TV Marineret (CD-release of Darkness on the Delta)

OCS 2006

Steffen Poulsen, rythm design, Ole Lillelund, text and recitation, Christer, synths

the double-cd "Narrow Escape From A Shark" 2008
cover art and lay-out: Per Elbke

Darkness on the Delta
CD 2012

Clinch: torben ulrich in clinch
dice done 2004

Torben Ulrich in Clinch: Dice Done. CD 2004 (Olufsen DOCD5610).
Torben Ulrich, recitation, Lotte Anker, soprano and tenor saxophone, Claus Bøje, drums, Peter Friis Nielsen, bass, Steffen Leve Poulsen, sampler and sound manipulation, Christer, synths (DX-7, VL-1)

P.O.Jørgens (technician, producer), Christer, Torben Ulrich, Lotte Anker, Claus Bøje, Steffen Poulsen, Peter Friis Nielsen

Poland 2000

Stettin with StuckOnCeiling (Robert Piotrowicz, guitar, Anna Zaradny, sax, Kacper, percussion), Christer, synth & piano

photo: friend

Chris Pfunk 2001

Christer, guitar, his own karaoke

countrypunk (1)

photo: mama

Conducted improvisations 1999

Tony Bevan, bass-sax, Christian Kyhl, Kyhl sax, Jakob Draminsky Højmark, bass clarinet,
Hainer Wörman, guitar, Marie Wärme, accordeon, Michael Tosti, violin,
Christer, conductor and harpsichord

photo: a friend

excerpt from the concert


Ghost-in-the-Machine "New Excursions" 1998

CD Ninth world. Concert recording with Evan Parker (soprano and tenor saxophone) and Ghost-in-the-Machine (Christer, piano & synth, Peter Friis Nielsen, bass, Martin Klapper (amplified objects, toys & elektronics), P.O. Jørgens (drums) at Copenhagen International Experimental music Festival, CIEF 5, Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen 6.19. 1998.
Cover art: Martin Klapper.

Christer in European Echoes, Kungälv 1997.

photo: Gudrun Edel-Rösnes

Concert for police equipment 1996

June 15th, the yard of the police headquarters in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Police band. Percussion: Christer, Selassie Dewornu, Agarfa Amartey,
Sam Adou, P.O. Jørgens, Sven Åke Johansson (solo), Han Bennik (solo).

photo: Gregers Nielsen


Ghost-in-the-Machine 1995

Christer (synth), P.O.Jørgens (drums), T.S. Høeg (saxophone), Peter Friis Nielsen (bass). Band foto for schoolconcerts tour launched by Levende- Musik-i-Skolen (Live-music-in-school)in Denmark's mainland, Jylland, plus the northernmost province of Germany, Slesvig.

photo: Peter Lind

MeYou 1994

Christer (piano), Peter Friis Nielsen (bass)
Sculptures on photo: Ole Hempel.

photo: Per Vissing

T-shirt design. CIM

  MeYou. CD 1994. Solo piano and duos with Peter Friis Nielsen (bass). Recorded in Frederiks Bastion 1993 by Christer and in Maschinehalle, Der Zeiche Rheinelbe, Gelsenkirchen by Yoyo Röhm. Cover art and layout: Per Henriksen.

Evan Parker with Ghost-in-the-machine

Ghost-in-the-Machine 1993. Evan Parker (soprano- & tenor saxophone), Christer (piano & synth), P.O.Jørgens (drums), Martin Klapper (amplified objects, toys, electronics), Peter Friis Nielsen (bass).
The CD was released by Leo Records, London.
Sculptures on cover front: V. Kobzev. Photos on back (left): Evan Parker - Gorm Valentin, Ghost-in-the-Machine - Berit Leah.

The Garden Is 1991

Ole Rømer - drums, Christer - piano, Jens Melgaard (†) - double bass,
Lotte Anker - soprano and tenor saxophone.

The Garden Is. CD 1991.
cover art and layout: Anne Mette Haagensen

photo: Per Vissing

Zebra 1990

Tchando Embalo - guitar, vocal, Christer - synth and vocal, Bernard Darko (†) - percussion and vocal, Akanyi Nyawade - dance and vocal, Christian Glahn - bas, gomé and vocal, Ayi Solomon - drumset, percussion and vocal), Nguza (guitar and vocal).
Summer in the garden of Scherfigsvej commune.

Tønder festival programme 1990

Zebra at Nørrebro Festival 1991
from left: Ayi Solomon (perc), Nguza, Tchando (guitars), Bernard Darko (dm),
Christian Glahn (bass), Christer (keyb)

Clinch/Tchicai 1987-91

Peter Friis Nielsen (bass), P.O. Jørgens (drums), Christer (piano & synth), John Tchicai (tenor- & soprano saxophone)

photo: Per Vissing



LP record, Olufsen 1988. Recorded by "TømrerClaus" in Karma Studios. Compositions by Peter Friis Nielsen, John Tchicai and Christer. Cover art: Birgit Boline Erfurt

Tchicai Quartet alias Clinch-Tchicai alias Ghost-in-the-Machine
Freiburg June 1991


Morads 1984-87

H.C.Mogensen - drums, Morten Carlsen - clarinet & bass saxophone, Christian Glahn - electric bass, Christer - piano

poster by Anne-Mette Haagensen

photo: Anne Strandvad

Giraf 1983-86

Christer - piano & hammond, Jonas Petersen - bass (†), Birgitte Møller [now Githa Ben David] - saxaphawne. Additional musicians: Frede Christensen (drums) and Sam Adou (†) - congas, percussion & timbales.

logo for postcard (CIM)

photo: Peter Friis from Drop-Inn (not my bass lad!)

Clinch 1981-

Claus Bøje (drums), Christer (paino), Peter Friis Nielsen (bass).
photo: Lisbeth Koerner

invitation for a concert in Musikcafeen by Christer

Clinch in Montmartre, Nørregade, Cph. 1984.
photo: Per Vissing

Clinch "Fri frei libre" 1986

Olufsen 1986. Cover art: Per Morten Abrahamsen.

Orghani 1977-78

Uffe Markussen - reeds & flute, Alex Gressel - doublebass, Marilyn Mazur - drums, Karsten Houmark - guitar, Christer - hammond, Rhodes & voice. On the roof of Frederiksborggade, premises of the room mates Karsten, Per Vissing (the photographer and trumpet player - he also took this one) and Christer.

photo: Per Vissing

Bohena 1976

in 'Musikcafeen', HUSET, Magstræde, 1976. Christer - hammond, Peter Danstrup - bass, Ole Thøger - saxofon (from back), Karsten Houmark - el-guitar behind dancing woman
Outside frame: Ole Rømer, drums and Jørgen Emborg, Rhodes.

Christer in center
surrounded by fragments of Ole Thøger with his sax, to the left
and Peter Danstrup, to the right

photo: Per Vissing

AIDA 1972-75

in North Jutland 1973: Karsten Houmark - el-guitar & vocal, Steen Toft Andersen - bass and vocal, Lars Konrad - drums, Christer - el-guitar, organ & vocal, Carsten Erichsen - flute (outside frame)
Aida photos from the practice room in Skovvangsskolen, by Gunnar Hougaard, alias Saul Panzer.
Gunnar was the band's dedicated roadie.
On the photo figures Karsten Houmark, Carsten Erichsen, Steen Toft Andersen, Lars Conrad (Christer is seen from the back). See the remaining photos at Gunnarsgear
„Aida“ was remembered at the band "Ache"’s „Blå som altid“ ('blue as always' 1977) in which Steen Toft Andersen played the bass.
The band name became the title of a theme which Christer and Karsten had been jamming on since the early days in the band ’Sindbad’ (Axel Bredsdorff, bass, and Klaus Pedersen, drums, 1970-72). Steen Toft Andersen recorded the theme ”Aida” as the second part of the song ”Du får vinger nu” ('you get wings now'). Karsten og Christer was credited for the theme (thanks to Steen).

Schwester Ludmilla 1970-71

Birkerød Statsskole (gymnasium), 1970.
Christer (guitar & vocal), Karen-Lise Mynster - vocal, Steen Lund Christiansen - guitar). Axel Bredsdorf (bass), outside the frame.