0.0.0. scripts encyclopedia

this encyclopedia has been written along programming these homepages:

Additional topics has been added in search for solutions according to i.e. display of graphics.

Internet Explorer (IE)

This browser is the default browser of Windows and have
a number of modifications according to codes in html, xml and css as compared to
Firefox, Safari (Mac), GoogleChrome
As various problems have turned up in IE, they are accounted for in the encyclopedia.

IE for Mac stopped at version 5 and cannot be used as control display
when programming on Mac in Safari, Firefox etc.

quicktime player
does not work as default (especially in IE). May need to be installed as extension in various browsers.
Works in Firefox, Safari.

flash player (and flash generally) is not working properly in IceWeasel (Linux default browser)

linking images
in IE causes a line drawn around the graphic (solution?)