3.1.2 - DROP DOWN MENU - nav and li tags

browser output:

heading section

this is the content

css drop down menu tutorial 1 -2
reference: littlewebhut.com

se også Farum Jensens dropdown


nav ul (unordered list) - list-style:none; --> omits the bullits.
margin:0 flushes the items to the left vertically.
nav li - float:left -> the 'list' is lined up horisontally ;
position : relative acts as ancestor to nav li ul
nav li line height places the text in the middle of each item box (height: 30 px)
nav li ul li applies only to the drop down (photo).
set to float: none and the list aligns vertically
nav li position:relative; then --> nav li ul is set to position:absolute AND visibility:hidden;

nav li:hover ul (!no space between li and the colon) is set to visible

content clear:both moves the content below the menulist