PLAYER SETUP scriptsencyclopedia 4_3_2_java_flash-player  
  stylesheet SCRIPTS-STYLE  
  javascript swfobject.js ROOT FOLDER - reference for all players
BODY div id= "player#"    
java script      
swfobject embed player:new swfobject /swfobject.js ROOT FOLDER - reference for all players
  mp3 folder relative to php script    
xml default location of a folder w color settings /skins/sand/default.xml SKINS FOLDER sand
      FILE - default
     /ZEBRA folder i.e. place on server
php php /"playername"/.php  'ZEBRA' FOLDER/flashmp3player.php
    mp3 FOLDER  'ZEBRA'/mp3/"title".mp3
  END LINE - .so.write ("player#")    

"flashmp3player" = shockwave flash object.
"swfobject" = java script .js

color grey/default.xml [with color settings].
Autostart & resume [false/true] of the flash-player are also set in the default.xml file in the "players_skin" folder .

mp3 list order # i.e. 1_babadu.mp3 php refers to mp3 title tag in the properties of the .mp3 . If the 'artist name' is specified, it will figure as the first part of the text in the player tracks window.
The list in the flash-player subordinates the #_ of the title. If title numbers supersede 9 (10,11 etc.), numbers up to 9 has to be written 01, 02, etc.
A subfolder inside the mp3 folder will override the problem; place #1-9 in the root folder
10- nn in the subfolder.
Danish characters æ,ø,å cannot be displayed


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