To insert a drop-down menu on many pages
This script has been used to for the CIM recordings pages.
Especially to create more space on mobile devices' small screens.

1. place js script (current: js_menu/cim_main_menu.js) in HEAD of introduction frame

2. CSS - "menu_style/pages_style.css". Only body background:grey; + all below has been kept.

The script is a simple 'document write'.

div class "menuposition" css - the placement of the menu.
div class "nav" css - the styling of the single elements in the drop-down
li class "enlarge" was necessary to make space for the menu-icon
NB! backslash - quote \" is standard in js to make references work

menuposition places the menu on the page
container pushes page content (left margin)
--> space for menu
nav first lines - the special conditions
next the general definitions